Brief Note on APDACSC
The United Nations declared year 1981 as international year for the differently abled. Accordingly the Government of Andhra Pradesh decided to establish a finance corporation for the welfare of differently abled persons and established a finance corporation viz “The A.P. Differently Abled Persons welfare Cooperative Finance Corporation” having its head quarters at Vijayawada vide G.O.Ms.No.35, Social Welfare (G1) Dept, dated. 23-03-1981 formed as a Co-operative Society under the Andhra Pradesh Co-operative Societies Act of 1964,. Later the name of the Corporation has been changed to “ A.P. Differently Abled Co-Operative Corporation ” vide G.O.Rt.No.456, Social Welfare (G) Department dated 03-07-1984.
APDACSC incorporated mainly to undertake programs / promote the Welfare of differently abled in Andhra Pradesh and to uplift the differently abled in the State. The primary objective of the Corporation shall be to formulate, promote and implement any scheme aimed at the rehabilitation or improvement of the living conditions of the blind, the Deaf, the orthopedically Differently Abled and the Mentally Retarded persons and to provide them financial and technical assistance in the state with the following Main objectives / Vision:


  1. To formulate, Promote and implement schemes for rehabilitation and improvement of the living condition of differently abled persons in Andhra Pradesh and to provide them financial and technical assistance.
  2. To establish and develop facilities such as sheltered workshops, to train persons with disabilities, for the gainful employment of Differently Abled unemployed persons.
  3. To advance money by way of loan to the unemployed Differently Abled youth so as to assist them in earning their livelihood. The APDACSC is channelizing agency for National Differently Abled Finance and Development Corporation (NHFDC) to assist self employment units recognized trades will be financed through NHFDC.
  4. To establish units for the manufacture of Tricycles artificial limbs, calipers and other prosthetic aids and to supply them to Differently Abled persons.
  5. To supply educational aids like Braille Books, Periodicals, tape recorders, pre recorded cassettes, Ipods, CD players and Laptops etc to individuals & institutions, thereby help the Differently Abled to join the mainstream of society.
  6. To organize employment generating production units for the Differently Abled with assured market for products,
  7. To organize –cum production centers were also established with this intension.


Present Activities:

The Corporation is presently discharging the following functions by establishing Training Cum Production Centers, Centers for fabrication/fitment of artificial limbs calipers and Braille press etc in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

  • Supply of Prosthetic and mobility Aids Supply of Educational Aids.
  • Imparting Training in Technical traders through an ITI for physically Differently Abled at TCPC, Vishakhapatnam.
  • Imparting training in placement oriented courses and self employment trades.
  • State channelizing Agency of National Differently Abled Finance and development Corporation.
  • Implementing agency for ADIP scheme from Government of India.


Administrative Setup:
   APDACSC is having its Head office at Vijayawada and the Managing Director undertakes the overall activities of the APDACSC under the guidance of Board of Directors headed by the Chairman / Governing body.
   The Head Office of APDACSC formulates the policies and procedures in terms of preparing annual action plans and implementing the same. The APDACSC mobilizes financial resources from State and Central Government to impel the same for Differently abled economy in envisaged development activities and accordingly sought finance from NHFDC.
   The Corporation is having 13 District Offices (DO’s) and the Joint Collectors are Ex-officio Executive Directors of APDACSC assisted by Assistant Directors of Differently Abled Welfare Department who is an Ex-officio District Manager of APDACSC.
   As on 01-june-2014 there are 297 employees working in the Organization who engaged in the service of Differently Abled through a network of Head Office,  1 hearing Aid Center (at Visakhapatnam), One Braille Printing press ( at Vijayawada).



Financial Resources:
  • Grants under Central ADIP Scheme – Govt. of India.
  • Managerial Subsidy (Staff Cost), Investments and Aids & Appliances – Govt. of A.P.
  • Share Capital – Govt. of A.P.
  • Loans – NHFDC


                   The share Capital of the Corporation shall be contributed by the A.P. State  Government. Further the Corporation is also receiving Grants, Subsidies from State Government for implementation of various Schemes.
Following are the details of Share Capital as on 01-06-2014.


Sl.No Particulars Amount
1 Members Share Capital 93,326
2 Government of Andhra Pradesh 2,12,73,736
TOTAL 2,13,67,062


   The Corporation did not issued/printed any Share Certificates to above members, Government etc and not maintained any membership register as per the CO-operative Societies Act.
The Board of Directors of the Corporation will be nominated by the State Government and their services are governed by its Service rules.
Books of account of the corporation got audited as on 1st June’2014
In order to accelerate the pace of development programs for the economic uplift of the Differently Abled and to implement them more effectively and efficiently for the development of persons with differently Abled and in view of bifurcation of the state the Corporation decided to demerge in to two corporations; hence the demerger scheme id drafted.
Origin of the Corporation


The year 1981 was declared as international year of the Differently Abled . On this occasion the Government have decided to establish a finance corporation for the welfare of Handicapped persons and accordingly established Finance Corporation called as “The A.P. Handicapped Persons Welfare Co-operative Finance Corporation” with head quarters at Vijayawada through G.O.Ms.No.35, social Welfare (GI) Dept, dated. 23-03-1981. Later the name of Corporation was changed as A.P. Vikalangula Co-Operative Corporation in the year 1984. As per the A.P. Reorganization Act-2014 and upon instructions two independent entities for State of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh have been created and the Action Plan prepared for the State of Andhra Pradesh. As on administrative reforms measure the Government of Andhra Pradesh has changed the nomniclature of the Corporation as A.P. Differently Abled & Senior Citizens Assistance Corporation in the Go. Ms. No.9, Dt.16.02.2016.